Benzoic Acid


    Organic Acids

    Used in manufacture of polyester resins.
    Preserving foods, fats, fruit juices, alkaloidal solutions.
    In manufacture of benzoates, benzoyl compounds and dyes.
    Used as a mordant in calico printing.
    Used as a standard in volumetric and calorimetric analysis.
    Also used in pharmaceutical aid as a topical antifungal.

Benzoic Acid Specification

Molecular FormulaC7H6O2
Appearance White Crystalline Powder
SmellFree of any smell
Melting Point 120°C - 121°C
IronNot Detected
SulphateNot Detected
Moisture Approx. 1%
Packing HDPE Laminated Bags
Net Wt. 20 Kgs. / Bag